HNDGS | The Hellenic Armed Forces participate in Air Exercise “FRIZIS DAMAS – 23” – Photos
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Published on 16/09/2023 at 16:33

The Bilateral Air Exercise “FRIZIS DAMAS – 23” was held between Greece and Israel within the FIR of Athens and Tel Aviv from Tuesday 12 to Wednesday 13 September 2023. This exercise was conducted in the context of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff’s (HNDGS) planning for the international activities of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

According to a relevant announcement, the Exercise was conducted within the framework of the implementation of the Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) between Greece and Israel 2023, and its purpose is to train the participants in long-range Composite Air Operations (COMAO) with the support of Air to Air Refueling (AAR) and Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Aircraft, as well as in countering aerial threats and attacking ground targets.

The Hellenic Armed Forces participated with 10 F-16 Fighter Aircraft sorties and 1 145 Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Aircraft, while on the Israeli side, the exercise took place with the participation of B707 Aerial Refueling, Airborne Early Warning and Control G550, as well as F-15, F-16 and F-35 Fighter aircraft.

Exercise “FRIZIS DAMAS – 23” is a continuation of the corresponding “FRIZIS DAMAS – 22”, which confirms the already close military cooperation between Greece and Israel and further deepens the strong ties of their Armed Forces, contributing to strengthening the role played by the two countries to ensure stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean region and beyond.

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