Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) | Establishment of Space and Communications-Informatics Directorates
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Published on 08/12/2021 at 13:06

According to a decision of the Chiefs of Defence Council, a Space and a Communications-Informatics Directorate have been established. As announced by HNDGS, its Space Directorate has replaced Directorate C5, while its former Directorates of Communications (C4) and Informatics (C5) have been integrated into a single C4 Directorate of Communications – Informatics.

The newly-established Space Directorate is the competent executive body for issues pertaining to space and related technologies, and constitutes the advisory body of the Chief of Defence in terms of the organisation and operational support of the National Defence needs in this domain as well as for the planning, organisation and conduct of Joint Operations and Exercises in a national, allied and European context. In addition, the said establishment allows the optimised utilisation of the information aspect of the theater of operations with the use of telecommunication satellites, which aims for quick information collection and to substantially reduce decision-making time.

Also, the establishment of the new Space Directorate results in the improved cooperation with specialised bodies so as to acquire the necessary experience, know-how and specialisation, as well as in the necessary coordination with all competent bodies in order to safeguard the national objectives in the Space Operational Domain.

With regard to the integration of Communications and Information Technology bodies, the aim is to address them uniformly in the context of their extensive relevance and the practice followed internationally in the field of Communication & Information Systems (CIS). The new Directorate is responsible for the uniform support of the operational needs of the Armed Forces and for the development and integrated operation of all their networks in the Information environment. It is an advisory body of the Chief of Defence on issues of planning and training of Communications – Informatics policies and collaborates with University agencies and Research and Technology Centers, while participating in national and international research programs to develop innovative solutions adapted to EU operational needs.

The above Directorates contribute to the strengthening of interoperability, the saving of resources, but also to the adaptation of the Army to doctrines of multi-space combat.

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