HASDIG | Strengthening of the Hellenic Defence Industry through EDF’s European research programs and international collaborations
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Published on 17/07/2023 at 16:30

The ongoing effort of the Hellenic Aerospace Security & Defence Industries Group (HASDIG) to strengthen the participation of the Hellenic Defence Industry in the European research and development programs of the European Defence Fund (EDF) continues with great success, according to a relevant announcement.

These programs are the EU’s response to new technological challenges in the field of the defence industry and aim to enhance cooperation between defence industries and research institutions of EU member countries as well as to acquire new, innovative, and effective technologies in the fields of defence and security.

In 2021 – 2027, the EU is going to finance the competent fund for this mission, the EDF, with the amount of €8 billion, of which €2.7 billion will be allocated to the funding of collaborative defence research programs, while the remaining €5.3 billion will be allocated to financing programs of collaborative capabilities development that complement national contributions.

To date, the EU has released the amount of €2.03 billion under the research programs of 2021 (EDF 2021, €1.2 billion funding) and 2022 (EDF 2022, €832 million funding), while the process for selecting the research and development programs for 2023 (EDF 2023) worth €1.2 billion is ongoing.

In the framework of these programs, the Hellenic Defence Industry has successfully participated in a multitude of cutting-edge technology research and development programs both in EDF 2021 and the recent EDF 2022, after approval of its proposals by the EU institutions.

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The effort of HASDIG and the Hellenic Defence Industry has led to the first positive results:

  • In 2022, EDF announced the participation approval of 8 companies-members of HASDIG in 12 Research and Development programs (EDF 2021) worth €383.3 million, of which €335.37 million concerned EU funding.
  • In 2023, EDF announced the participation approval of 7 companies-members of HASDIG in 11 Research and Development programs (EDF 2022) worth €461.7 million, of which €396.47 million concerned EU funding.

HASDIG, among others, considers the participation of the Hellenic Defence Industry in the EDF 2023 programs worth €1.2 billion as well as in future corresponding programs as one of the main pillars of development of the domestic industry and its extroversion, and seeks to increase the number of Greek companies participating in EDF research programs with methodical and strategic planning.

It should also be emphasized that, as part of its strategy for the reinforcement of the international presence of the Hellenic Defence Industry and the promotion of collaborations with foreign companies and organizations, HASDIG signed early this year a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises (CARIE).

This Memorandum has for the first time laid the foundations of cooperation between the Greek and Cypriot Defence Industry, aiming to jointly develop new products and claim a share in international markets and participation in EU research programs.

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Recently, HASDIG participated with the Vice President of the Group, Mr. Evangelos Veronikiatis, at the Conference on Research and Innovation in the Defence and Security Sectors organized in Cyprus by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, with the participation of the Greek Ministry of Defence.

The speakers at the conference included the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus, Michalis Georgallas, Captain Antonios Boubas – Policy Officer at European Commission DG DEFIS/A2 European Defence Fund (EDF) Implementation / Programming & SME support, the Head of the Directorate of Defence Investment and Technological Research – GDDIA/DDIT, Colonel Nikolaos Meggos, the Vice President of HASDIG, (Air Chief Marshal, ret.) Evangelos Veronikiatis, the President of CARIE, Dr. Anastasios Kounoudis, and Dr. Georgios Dimitriou from the European Defence Agency.

Alongside the strengthening of relations with Cyprus, HASDIG continued its efforts to achieve new partnerships with other European companies during the visit of the President of HASDIG, Mr. Nikolaos Papatsas, in early 2023 in Brussels, which resulted in the organization of a conference held in March entitled “EUROPEAN DEFENCE AGENCY INFO DAY – RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION”. The said conference was held at the facilities of the NCSR Demokritos by the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the GDDIA.

Additionally, on June 28 and 29, an EU delegation participated in the “EDF INFO DAYS 2023” event organized in Brussels by the European Committee, where member companies of HASDIG gave their presentations with great success.

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