GEEF | Joint training of the National Guard and the French Armed Forces in amphibious operations – Photos
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Published on 14/11/2023 at 09:01

In the framework of the Bilateral Defence Cooperation Program between the Republic of Cyprus and France, an amphibious exercise was co-organized by the National Guard and the Armed Forces of France on November 9 and 10, 2023.

Specifically, on the National Guard’s part, the exercise took place with the participation of GAZELLE helicopters of the Air Force Command and the Fast Patrol Vessels AMMOCHOSTOS, TSOMAKIS, and GEORGIOU of the Navy Command. The French Armed Forces participated with the amphibious assault helicopter carrier LHD TONNERRE and NH 90 transport helicopters.

According to the announcement of the National Guard General Staff (GEEF), the purpose of the exercise was the joint training of the personnel of both the National Guard and the French Armed Forces in planning, executing, and supporting amphibious operations.

In particular, the scenario included landing preparation, executing landing by Marine forces, securing the area, and executing airlift operations.

This specific exercise is considered to be particularly beneficial, as it provided the opportunity for National Guard personnel to train together with corresponding Units of the French Armed Forces, thus promoting the level of training and interoperability as well as highlighting the excellent relations between the Armed Forces of the two countries.

In addition, the National Guard, taking advantage of the presence of friendly countries, in the context of the preventive measures taken in the event of further escalation of the conflicts in the region, conducts the said joint trainings in order to be, on the one hand, a strong deterrent force and a powerful tool for the implementation of the political-military pursuits of the Republic of Cyprus and, on the other hand, to continue to highlight Cyprus as a reliable factor of security and stability in near and wider regions.

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