GEEF | Celebration of Archangel Michael Patron of the Air Force – Photos
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Published on 08/11/2023 at 20:49

On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, the official celebration of Archangel Michael, Patron of the Air Force Command, took place at the “LIEUTENANT STYLIANOS KALBOURTZIS” military Camp.

The celebration was attended by the Minister of Defence, Mr. Michalis Georgallas, the Chief of the National Guard, Lt. Gen. George Tsitsikostas, the Director General of the Ministry of Defence, Mr. Andreas Louka, Members of Parliament, the Hierarchy of the National Guard General Staff (GEEF) as well as officer delegations.

According to a relevant announcement, representatives of state services and local authorities, retired officers, Defence Attaches and representatives of friendly countries as well as military delegations of countries hosted in National Guard facilities also attended.

As part of the ceremony, an exhibition was organized where weapon systems were showcased. Furthermore, helicopter formations of the Air Force Command and the Armed Forces of France and Germany took place during the ceremony.

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