French Frigate AUVERGNE | In the Black Sea after an exercise with Hellenic Navy
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Published on 14/12/2021 at 16:30

The AUVERGNE Frigate of the French Navy conducted an exercise with the Hellenic Navy on December 9 and then headed to the Black Sea.

Specifically, according to an announcement by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS), on Thursday, December 9, 2021, a PASSEX (Passing Exercise) training of the SALAMIS Frigate was conducted with the French Frigate AUVERGNE in the wider sea area southwest of Crete.

During the joint training, objects of synthesis and exchange of tactical information, communications, advanced maneuvers and anti-aircraft warfare (Air Defense Exercise-ADEX) were performed with the participation of a total of 6 fighter jets, 4 F-16s from the 116th Combat Wing and 2F -4s from 117th Combat Wing.


On Monday, December 13, a video was posted on social media showing the AUVERGNE frigate crossing the Bosphorus towards the Black Sea.

Today, December 14, sources of the Russian Ministry of Defence report that the Russian Forces in the area have located the French Frigate in the Black Sea. NATO, in a perhaps not accidental post on social media today, promotes the French frigate AUVERGNE, emphasising that it is part of the North Atlantic Alliance. It is worth noting that before the exercise with the Hellenic Navy, the personnel of the French Frigate met in Naples, Italy with officers of the US 6th Fleet.

The situation between Russia and NATO is becoming more tense in recent days with a large concentration of forces in the Black Sea region.  

With information from: HNDGS, Reuters, Twitter

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