Fire Service | Rescue and firefighting exercise on a Military helicopter
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Published on 18/02/2023 at 18:12

A rescue and firefighting exercise on a military helicopter was carried out by the Firefighter Cadets with the support of the members of the Paphos Airport Fire Station.

According to the press spokesman of the Fire Service, Andreas Kettis, “the training activity of the Firefighter Cadets was carried out with the support of our members of the Paphos Airport Fire Station.”

As part of their training, the Cadets carried out a rescue and fire extinguishing exercise on a Military Helicopter, which appears to be one of 2 decommissioned Polish KANIA helicopters number 205, a replica of the Russian Mil M2.

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KANIA, according to, was a commercial attempt by Polish PZL to make a westernized version of the Soviet Mil Mi-2.

The changes mainly concerned the engines, the rotor made of synthetic materials and the electronic systems, and to a lesser extent, design conversions.

The purpose of their procurement was the execution of agricultural applications, but they were normally in service with the National Guard, covering all its needs between 1990-2001 even though their use was not so frequent.

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