F-16 Viper | The first flight of the upgraded Hellenic Air Force aircraft took place

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Published on 18/01/2021 at 09:42

The first trial flight of the upgraded F-16 fighter jet of the Hellenic Air Force took place as part of the first phase of the upgrade program of the Hellenic Air Force F-16 fighter jets to the Viper configuration. The program has been undertaken by the Hellenic Aviation Industry (HAI) and Lockheed Martin.

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During the trial flight, the upgraded systems of the aircraft were successfully tested, thus giving the impetus for both the smooth continuation of the work and the upgrade of the remaining aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force. It is worth noting that “the aircraft upgrades were carried on schedule, without any deviation,” states a relevant announcement of the Hellenic Aviation Industry (HAI).

“In the difficult conditions due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the HAI production continued, committed to the goal of acting on schedule, which was achieved with absolute consistency. Regarding those who contributed to this success, congratulations must be given to the staff and all the participants, emphasizing the excellent cooperation between Lockheed Martin, HAI and the Hellenic Air Force,” the announcement concludes.

“The first F16 Viper in the Greek Skies !! The Hellenic Air Force is even higher !!! The heavens are ours !!! “Always Dominate the Heights (Αἰὲν Ὑψικρατεῖν)“, wrote the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros, on his official Twitter account.

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