VELOS ROTORS | Velos V3 UAS introduced as ideal example of dual-use systems
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Published on 20/04/2024 at 17:47

The “Investing in Deep Tech: Dual-Use Technologies” conference held at the Hellenic Armed Forces Officers’ Club in Athens was successfully completed last Tuesday.

The Conference was organized by the General Directorate of Defence Investments and Armaments (GDDIA) of the Ministry of National Defence, in collaboration with the National Centre of Scientific Research “Dimokritos”, a member of the DIANA Network. The NATO Innovation Fund and the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic were the co-organizers of the conference.

During the event, pitch presentations were given by notable startups of the Greek technology ecosystem on their innovative “dual-use” products – military and civil – demonstrating the maturity and relevance of technology within the fields of interest of the participating agencies.


Among the said startups, the company that caught the attention of the attendees was Velos Rotors. Founded by Aris Kolokythas and Tassos Argyros 12 years ago, the said company from Xylokastro, Corinthia has managed to generate interest internationally with innovative drones, while in the past it secured a 2 millions funding from Marathon Ventures.

Aris Kolokythas, founder of Velos Rotors

Participating in this event dedicated to investment in Deep-Tech technologies, Aris Kolokythas, founder of Velos Rotors, had the opportunity to present the company’s Velos V3 UAS as the perfect example of a dual-use system. In fact, in Mr. Kolokythas’ opinion, based on the latest conflicts taking place globally, UAVs are the future not only for commercial, but also for defence applications.

The Velos V3

The dual-engine configuration of the Velos V3 ensures comprehensive reliability even in the event of critical component failure for missions in extreme conditions, as it is certified according to the IP65 standard (rain, snow & dust).

An important feature of the system in question is its high payload capacity and 80-minute endurance time, as well as its modular architecture, which allows it to integrate multiple sensors.

Velos V3’s technical characteristics:

  • Payload capacity: 15.8 kg
  • Maximum Gross Take-off Weight: < 25 kg
  • Endurance: up to 80 minutes
  • Cruising speed: 39070 km/h
  • Maximum Speed: 120 km/h
  • Rotor diameter: 1950 mm
  • Length: 1720 mm
  • Height: 730 mm
  • Width: 620 mm
  • Fuselage width: 230 mm
  • Battery weight: 4-10 kg
  • Weight (without payload): 8.5 kg
  • Operational range: 30 km

Technological Advantage

The Velos systems are electric, while their dual-engine design and patented multiple backup systems guarantee operational readiness and reliability for a multitude of applications and missions, including:

  • Public security
  • Immediate Response to search and rescue missions
  • Geographical Mapping of hard-to-reach areas
  • Agriculture Applications
  • Critical infrastructure inspections
  • Cargo transport
  • Surveillance / Patrol / Border controls
  • Video / Aerial Photography


Today, the technological achievements of Velos Rotors come with a high degree of reliability and efficiency both domestically and abroad.

Indicatively, the Velos Rotors Unmanned Systems have already operated in the adverse environment of the Cyclades, as the company has participated in a program to transport medical material from Naxos to the Small Cyclades.

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The said transport of medical equipment to the Small Cyclades was carried out by the partner company Ucandrone, which bought the helicopter particularly for this purpose.

In addition, a number of Velos Rotors V3 drones have been on the front lines in Ukraine, while the Greek company has been selected by the South Korean Coast Guard for surveillance of the country’s coastline missions.

In fact, the same drones transport daily on behalf of the US company Mission Go in Baltimore an extremely sensitive cargo, human organs for transplantation, while the company has also been approached by companies for agricultural applications, transport of goods (logistics), for cinematic aerial shots and for forest fire protection.

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