EPC | First phase of the EU Patrol Corvette Project
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Published on 27/10/2023 at 16:03

The first phase of the “Modular and Multirole Patrol Corvette” (MMPC) development program, which concerns the so-called European Patrol Corvette (EPC) has been signed.

As has become known, the European intergovernmental Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR), under the coordination of the Italian-French company Naviris, a consortium of Italy’s Fincantieri, Spain’s Navantia, France’s Naval Group, Greece’s Prisma Electronics SA and representatives from Greece, Denmark, and Norway signed an agreement for the first phase of the EPC development program. The estimated value of this program is 87 million euros and will be supported through the European Defence Fund.

In particular, 60 million euros will be financed by the European Commission in the form of grants and the remaining 27 million euros by the member states (Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Greece, and Norway), which have decided to undertake and implement the development program. For its part, OCCAR will have an administrative role following a mandate from both the Commission and the member states of the EPC program.

It is also noted that on the same day, the representatives of the aforementioned companies signed an agreement on the establishment of a consortium, which will seek to regulate the execution of the project, maximizing synergies and cooperation between the European shipbuilding industries.

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It is recalled that the development program of the so-called EPC is part of the proposed pan-European defence programs of the Permanent Structured Cooperation of the European Union (PESCO) in which:

  • Four countries participate within the framework of PESCO (Italy, France, Spain and Greece).
  • Six states are designated as co-founders (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Denmark and Norway).
  • The Naviris consortium (Navantia, Naval Group, Fincantieri) is responsible for coordination.

The first phase of the specific program will last 24 months and will aim to create a new design for a surface vessel called the European Patrol Corvette (EPC).

The new European warship will have two configurations: the “Long Range Multi-purpose Corvette” and the “Full Combat Multi-purpose Corvette”, which will make the most of the innovations, advanced technologies, and know-how of the participating companies in the project.

It is a class of innovative, affordable, interoperable, and versatile warships designed to respond and perform a wide range of missions in an ever-evolving field of operations, depending on the requirements and operational needs specified by each Navy.

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