Cyprus Issue | Christodoulidis on the same page with UN Secretary General
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Published on 23/09/2023 at 16:56

The meeting of the President of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, with Antonio Guterres in New York has been concluded.

The Cypriot side, intensifying its efforts to restart negotiations on the Cyprus issue, had given great importance to this private meeting of President Christodoulides with the UN Secretary-General.

The President of Cyprus expressed his satisfaction with what was said at the meeting, pointing out that the UN Secretary-General is exactly on the same page with Cyprus. The Secretary-General considers the appointment of a special envoy to the Cyprus issue essential, alongside the convening of a tripartite conference, adding that unfortunately there have been no results, as there is no response from the other side.

The President pointed out that tomorrow the Secretary-General will meet the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, since his meeting with the Turkish President did not take place.

The President of the Republic also noted that the Secretary-General referred to something of particular importance, regarding the fact that EU member states, during the meeting they had with the UN Secretary-General, raised the Cyprus issue, the need to resume talks, something that is directly linked to potential positive developments regarding Euro-Turkish relations.

Asked if Mr. Guterres intends to convene a tripartite meeting and send an invitation to Mr. Tatar tomorrow, President Christodoulidis stated that such an invitation has already been sent. In response to another question, President Christodoulidis said that the General Secretary also considers the appointment of a special envoy essential.

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The President of the Republic was accompanied to the UN building by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Kombos, the Government Spokesman, Konstantinos Letympiotis, the negotiator of the Greek side, Menelaos Menelaou, the Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the UN, Andreas Hadjichrysanthou, and other officials.

The five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council assured the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, of their support for the appointment of the UN Secretary General’s envoy for the Cyprus issue, during a working lunch held by their Permanent Representatives on Friday in New York with President Christodoulidis.

President Christodoulidis informed the Permanent Representatives about the meeting he had earlier with the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and the efforts he is making to restart negotiations through the activation of the EU.

Also, the incidents in the Buffer Zone in the area of ​​Pyla were discussed, with the President of the Republic thanking the five Permanent Members for their stance on this issue through a clear position.

Information from the CNA states that during the working lunch, the President also informed that he has decided and will announce unilateral measures of the Republic of Cyprus for the Turkish-Cypriots, with the Permanent Representatives of the five Permanent Members telling him that they recognize the efforts he is making and the fact that he undertakes and takes initiatives.

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