Cyprus | EU request to suspend asylum to illegal immigrants
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Published on 11/11/2021 at 15:00

The situation in Cyprus regarding immigration is tragic, with developments showing that things are very serious.

A meeting was held on Wednesday at the Presidential Palace of Cyprus, chaired by President Anastasiadis, with the Ministers and heads of the security forces of the Republic. The immediate and drastic measures that should be taken at all levels to address this problem was acknowledged at the meeting which lasted for several hours.

Cyprus will now apply to the EU to suspend asylum applications to immigrants entering the territory of the Republic of Cyprus illegally, requesting the immediate relocation of a number of asylum seekers to the Member States as well as the repatriation of asylum seekers to their countries of origin.

After the meeting, Government Spokesman Marios Pelekanos told reporters that “the President of the Republic chaired a wide-ranging meeting in relation to the crisis caused by the growing immigrant flows.

In this context, the competent Ministries and Services submitted relevant data that demonstrate the risk of demographic change, but also the acute socio-economic effects of the immigration crisis that the country is currently facing.

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In order to address these extremely worrying issues, it has been decided to immediately recommend the following to the Cabinet:

  1. The establishment of an inter-ministerial committee composed of the Ministers of Defence, Interior, and Justice which will recommend certain measures to be taken with regard to the crisis caused by increased immigration flows.
  2. The establishment of a management unit with operational capabilities under the supervision of the Joint Rescue Coordination Center which will implement the decisions of the Cabinet.
  3. Immediate briefing of the European Commission on the deterioration of the situation, the need for emergency measures, and urgent assistance to address the problem in line with the decisions taken for Lithuania and Poland.
  4. Pursuant to Article 78 (3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, a request will be made to the European Commission to take action in favor of the Republic of Cyprus, including the right to suspend asylum applications of persons entering the country illegally.
  5. In the context of the expected solidarity from the EU, demand for the immediate relocation of a number of asylum seekers to the Member States, but also the repatriation of asylum seekers to their countries of origin.

The Government undertakes additional actions on the basis of comprehensive holistic management of the immigration issue with respect for human rights, but also the need to safeguard the security and interests of all legal citizens of the country.


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