Cyprus | Cyprus Police motorcyclists are trained by the Hellenic Police
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Published on 27/04/2023 at 14:45

The training of Police motorcyclists by Hellenic Police instructors is still taking place at the “Achna Speedway”.

According to a statement by the Cyprus Police, the training – being held from Sunday, April 23 to Sunday, April 30 – will take place with the participation of 50 members of the Police, who serve in the Headquarters’ Special Motorcyclist Squad, in Group “Z” and in the Provincial Traffic Branches.

The training includes a theoretical and practical part, aiming at safe traffic, but also the further development of special skills for optimal performance of the Police motorcyclists’ duties.

The Police note that on Sunday, April 23, the theoretical part of the training took place at the Traffic Training Park near the Police Headquarters, while the practical part will take place at the “Achna Speedway” throughout the week.

On this occasion, the Chief of Police, Stelios Papatheodorou, visited the trainees on Sunday morning and, after welcoming the instructors of the Hellenic Police, referred to the excellent cooperation with the Hellenic Police and emphasized the importance of this training for Police members.

In addition, he stated that the motorcyclists-policemen of Group “Z”, the Special Motorcyclist Squad, and the Provincial Traffic Branches play an important role in fighting various forms of crime, in contributing to society as a whole, and in strengthening the more effective preventive action of the Police.

It is noted that the training concerns both the escort of officials as well as the optimal performance of members’ duties during their rapid response to emergencies and serious incidents as well as their road safety, since they are exposed to multiple dangers due to duties they perform.

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