NESTOR | Third pilot test-demonstration with the participation of the Hellenic Police as a coordinator completes successfully – VIDEO
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Published on 07/04/2023 at 11:30

The third pilot test-demonstration of NESTOR taking place from March 13-21, 2023 in Evros has been successfully completed. The Hellenic Police participated in the demonstration as a coordinator.

NESTOR is a comprehensive and interoperable smart European border protection solution capable of detecting potential border security threats in real-time.

In this context, advanced sensor technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles, CCTV surveillance systems, artificial intelligence (AI) tools as well as an integrated surveillance, control, command, and coordination system were employed.

During the pilot tests, multiple scenarios were carried out in 3 different areas (Orestiada, Alexandroupoli, Samothraki). These scenarios were related to incidents of illegal immigration, human smuggling, illegal border crossing, irregular vessel behavior, and cross-border drug trafficking, all of which were detected and monitored by the aforesaid technological solution.

In fact, the timely and real-time alerts to the corresponding police authorities along with the advanced analytical capabilities of the comprehensive system for the support of Command Incidents enabled users to make informed decisions and quickly respond to potential threats to land and maritime border security.

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According to an announcement by the Hellenic Police, the purpose and objectives of the action as well as the content and architecture of the system deployed were showcased at an event held on March 16, 2023, which was attended by more than 100 Organization and Agency delegations.

Specifically, the event was attended by the European Commission, Frontex, the funded projects “Promenade” and “Courageous”, a representative of the Alexandroupolis Fire Service, the Mayors of Alexandroupolis and Orestiada, the Director of the Alexandroupolis Airport “Demokritos”, a representative of AEGEAN Group as well as representatives of the project’s consortium.

The General Regional Police Director of the General Regional Police Directorate of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace and the Director of the Alexandroupolis Police Directorate attended the event on behalf of the Chief of the Hellenic Police.

It is noted that the participation of officials from all ranks of the Services of the Hellenic Police Headquarters and the Alexandroupolis and Orestiada Police Departments in the Working groups, responsible for the monitoring and implementation of the project, was a catalyst.

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