Cyber ​​attack on Hellenic Post’s information systems
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Published on 21/03/2022 at 12:15

The temporary suspension of the commercial information system of all the post offices was announced by the Hellenic Post service due to a cyber-attack through malware last night.

According to a statement, the Hellenic Post “faced a cyber attack on their information systems last night through malware.

The immediate reaction and the actions of the competent official functions limited and prevented the spread of the attack. We have been informed immediately and are working closely with all relevant government authorities as well as with IT companies specializing in cybersecurity.

For reasons of prevention and security and until all the required actions are completed, it was decided to isolate the entire Data Center of the company. 

Therefore, we announce the temporary suspension of the commercial information system of all post offices and there will be, later in the day, new information to the public and our customers.”

The Hellenic Post, the announcement concludes, “apologizes for the temporary inconvenience, which is due to actions of common cybercriminals and assures that all possible efforts are being made to return to normalcy as soon as possible.”

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