AUSA 2021 | Rafael unveils newest remote weapons station
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Published on 12/10/2021 at 16:36

Rafael is unveiling its newest remote weapons station, also known as Katlanit, this week at AUSA 2021.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is showcasing its newly enhanced SAMSON 30mm Integrated Remote Weapons Station (RWS) for light vehicles for the first time at the conference. The SAMSON 30mm Integrated RWS is designed to address the threats of the modern battlefield using the most cutting-edge, reliable, and effective solutions.

The SAMSON is equipped with hostile fire detection capabilities and the ability to rapidly and effectively return fire via a fast, accurate slew-to-cue mechanism. It features a unified user interface for all subsystems, an inherent hatch for close situational awareness, and under-armor ammunition loading that increases lethality.

These capabilities enable the SAMSON to turn a light vehicle into a lethal powerhouse on par with the main battle tank.

SAMSON RWS All-in-One integrates the world’s leading systems into a single solution that maximizes firepower and mobility and delivers MBT-level protection. Components – working together harmoniously – include the SAMSON 30mm Unmanned Turret, TROPHY APS, dual launcher for SPIKE LR2, 30/40mm automatic cannon with ABM, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, fire control system, and armor protection at STANAG Level 2.

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A key element of SAMSON’s lethality suite is its integration of the SPIKE LR 1 & 2 multi-purpose guided missiles and its collaboration TROPHY active protection system, two of Rafael’s most advanced solutions.

The SAMSON is a sibling of Rafael’s MCWS that was a key element of Oshkosh Defense’s winning proposal to up-gun the US Army’s Strykers for today’s threats.

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