Algeria | Rejects any interference in its internal affairs and closes its airspace to French military aircraft
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Published on 04/10/2021 at 09:00

Algeria recently recalled its ambassador to Paris “for consultations” in a movement for which no official explanation was given, but part of a high tension situation in relations between Algeria and France. 

Algeria has justified the recall of its ambassador to Paris, saying it rejects any involvement in its internal affairs and that the decision was made following statements made to French President, Emmanuel Macron.

It is noted that the Algerian media published the other day an article by the President of France in the newspaper Le Monde in which Emmanuel Macron writes that after its independence in 1962, Algeria was built on a “memorial capital” based on French colonialism and the Algerian war, which is powered by “the civil-military system”.

The French President, welcoming the descendants of veterans of the Algerian war, also referred to an “official history”, which was “rewritten from the beginning” and “not based on truth”, but on a rhetoric of hatred against France”.

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It is reminded that last Wednesday, French Ambassador François Gougett was summoned to the Algerian Foreign Ministry, where he was given a formal protest following the decision of Paris to reduce by half the number of permits granted to Algerians wishing to travel to France.

Paris on Tuesday announced a drastic reduction in the number of entry permits for citizens of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, citing the refusal of the Maghreb countries to initiate the necessary consular procedures for the return of immigrants rejected by France.

In response, Algeria closed its airspace to French military aircraft, French Colonel Pascal Lani told the Le Figaro newspaper today as well as the French news agency AFP.

Officials at the French Ministry of Defence did not comment immediately.

Source: AMNA

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