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Published on 24/12/2021 at 13:29

Ambassador to Cyprus Judith Garber handed over protective Advantage® 3000 breathing masks for firefighters. The delivery took place at the Headquarters of the Fire Service in Nicosia.

Advantage® 3000 

The protective breathing masks Advantage® 3000 are made by the US company MSA. They use the latest technology of the company which has been active in the field of security for 100 years. The company states that they have a comfortable application on the face through their sealing line. When it comes to the lens, manufacturers have emphasized visibility and durability. Furthermore, the masks use the same cartridges and filters as the Advantage 200LS ventilator.

At the special ceremony held for the delivery of the masks, the Chief of the Fire Service, Polyvios Hadjivassiliou, pointed out the long-standing cooperation between the Cyprus Fire Service and the USA, saying that officials of the Service, including himself, attended educational programs in the USA. He also said that years ago the United States handed over to the Fire Service a specialized unit for dealing with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. He also referred to the cooperation between Cyprus and the USA for terrorist attacks in the framework of CYCLOPS (Cyprus Center for Land and Maritime Security and Port Security), in which the Fire Service is actively involved.

The US Ambassador to Cyprus stated that she is very proud of the long-standing and excellent cooperation between the United States and the Fire Service in Cyprus and her wish to continue this cooperation, looking forward to the opening of the CYCLOPS regional center.

She also expressed the hope that the specialized fire masks will help them in their daily work, expressing her appreciation and gratitude for everything that firefighters do every day.

With information from: CNA, MSA

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