“With Virtue and Courage” | “HYDRA” ‘sweeps’ the Aegean day and night – VIDEO

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Published on 02/11/2020 at 16:52

The military show “With Virtue and Courage-Me Areti kai Tolmi”, broadcast on Sunday, October 1, on ERT2 presented the “HYDRA” frigate.

The  “HYDRA” frigate can fight threats coming from the air, sea, and the depths of the oceans such as submarines.

The “MEKO – HN200” type frigates have a length of 117 meters and a width of 14,8 meters, with a displacement of 3,350 tons. In its arsenal, “HYDRA” has one 5-inch/54 cannon, 2 Phalanx close in weapon systems (CIWS), 8 Harpoon anti-ship missiles, 16 Evolved Sea Sparrow Anti-Aircraft Missiles, 2 triple torpedo launchers Mk32, electronic countermeasures launcher and similar electronic equipment. It can also carry an S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk Helicopter.

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It is the fifth ship named “HYDRA” in the history of the Hellenic Navy and is made in Germany. It is the first frigate of this type, it was launched in Hamburg, Germany in June 1991 and delivered to the Hellenic Navy in October 1992. 

The name of the ship comes from the island of HYDRA which, during the revolution of 1821, provided the remarkable fleet consisting of light sailing boats, under the leadership of charismatic Admirals of Hydra such as Andreas Miaoulis, who played an important role in the struggle of the Greeks for freedom against the Ottoman Empire.

Watch the video from the show “With Virtue and Courage”: 

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