USSPS | The European Maritime Surveillance Capability Development Program with the participation of Cyprus companies CyRIC and SignalGeneriX
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Published on 11/09/2021 at 15:51

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus recently welcomed the participation of Cyprus small and medium-sized enterprises in five more proposals of the European Defence Development Industrial Program (EDIDP) of the European Commission. This is another important success towards the further development of the Cyprus Defence and Security ecosystem.

Among the funded projects is the “Unmanned Semifixed Sea Platforms” (USSPs) program, which aims to develop next-generation maritime surveillance capabilities. 

Product of a high-level, European, competitive process under the EDIDP program, the European Commission has recommended the USSPS solution as an option, developed by a European consortium, led by the innovative Greek company ETME. The program has the full support of the Ministries of Defence of Greece and Cyprus, while it is expected to start in the fall of 2021 with a duration of 42 months.

An integral part of the program, among 7 countries and 15 companies, is the Cyprus company CY.R.I.C. CYPRUS RESEARCH AND INNOVATION CENTER LTD.

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The value of the USSPS project amounts to 19.5 million euros and will receive European funding of 12.8 million, being the largest of all 26 projects selected in the EDIDP in its 2020 call.

The aim of this project is to develop an unmanned highly autonomous, energy-efficient, and miniaturized oil rig technology-based platform capable of integrating a wide range of air, surface, and underwater sensors. The platforms will enable deployment in any geographical region, including all types of sea-beds and deep-sea regions as well as operation under adverse environmental conditions.

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The project “Development of Unmanned Semi-fixed Sea Platforms for Maritime Surveillance” (USSPS) will develop the backbone of an advanced (C5ISTAR) federated system of systems. USSPS will integrate legacy assets and systems with innovative solutions, aiming to improve maritime surveillance capabilities, reduce high-value asset utilization and mission-related costs as well as provide cross-domain persistent and permanent maritime situational awareness.

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A total of 15 European companies participate in USSPs: Applied Intelligence Analytics Limited (Ireland), Naval Group (France), Prolexia (France), Multimedia Workshop (Bulgaria), Sener Aeroespacial (Spain), Signalerix Limited (Cyprus), SMTS Designer, and Constructors (Netherlands), Stichting Maritiem Research Instituut Nederland (Netherlands), Techlam (France), Tecnobit (Spain) y Utek (Spain) along with CyRIC – Cyprus Research and Innovation Center Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas.

CyRIC is a fast-growing company with the strategic aim of becoming an important regional Center developing disruptive products for the world markets and providing unique, high-quality services to the industry.

CyRIC offers Research and Innovation Services for its customers in the fields of engineering design and prototyping, electronics and communications, and software solutions. In addition, a number of specialized consultancy and entrepreneurship services are offered to startups and SMEs.

With information from: European Commission, 

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