The US ‘violate the right of the country to self-defense’, argues Pyongyang

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Published on 27/03/2021 at 12:01

North Korea claimed yesterday that US President Joe Biden revealed his “deeply-rooted hostility” towards Pyongyang and that he violated the right of the country to self-defense when he criticized its latest missile test, the official KCNA news agency reported.

Earlier, North Korea claimed to have launched a new type of tactical short-range ballistic missile. Biden said the test violates UN Security Council resolutions, but he added that a diplomatic solution with Pyongyang remains open.

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Ri Pyong Chol, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party, said the missile test was part of his country’s right to self-defense in view of the threats posed by South Korea and the United States with their joint military exercises and their advanced weapons.

“We express our deep apprehension that the US Chief Executive accuses this tactical test, the exercise of our state’s right to self-defense, as a violation of UN resolutions and he openly reveals his deeply-rooted hostility. Such statements by the US President is an overt violation of our right to self-defense,” Ri said in a statement.

Ri warned that Washington could face “something that is not good” if it continued to make “reckless comments without considering the consequences.”

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