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Published on 20/06/2020 at 11:59

North Korea is preparing to distribute propaganda leaflets on its southern borders against the South Korean government and its North Koreans, amid growing tensions between the two countries.

Earlier this month, Pyongyang threatened to permanently close its liaison office with South Korea, which it did last Tuesday 16/06 by blowing it up and destroying it completely.

It was the first office to allow communication between the two countries and aimed to improve relations between them, as well as relations between the United States and North Korea, but also to soften the military intensity.

Relations between the two countries have soured over North Korean dissidents in South Korea, who are sending propaganda material against the Pyongyang regime and food in their country.

North Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA) said: “Outraged people across the country are actively promoting preparations to launch a large-scale distribution of leaflets to drop penalties on those in South Korea who are even deprived.”

North Korea has accused North Korean “dissidents” of naming those who circulated leaflets from south to north threatening along with military action. 

North Korea has threatened to increase its military presence in former demilitarized facilities and restore checkpoints along the demilitarized zone.

North and South Korea remain technically at war as the 1950-53 conflict ended without a formal peace treaty.

Both South and North Korea have a long history of promoting propaganda material to and from their borders.


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