Russia | ‘Putin’s Shadow Fleet’ in the Laconic Gulf
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Published on 05/05/2024 at 08:17

‘Putin’s shadow fleet’ is the title of an extensive report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, referring to the transfer of Russian oil to vessels of unspecified details off the Laconic Gulf, which evidently aim to circumvent the sanctions imposed on Russia.

The report begins in a cafe in the village of Ageranos, near Gythio, where the few residents are discussing the lights of the tankers that can be seen on the horizon, DW notes.

Some attempt to record their movements. As reported by the Munich newspaper, the tankers are at a distance of at least six nautical miles from the coast, hence in international waters. There they handle the shadowy oil deals, which the West has imposed sanctions on.

STS-Transfer refers to what happens in industry terminology, i.e. ship-to-ship transfer. Oil is transported from one ship to another and from there to the seas of the world.

According to the German newspaper, experts from the Center for the Study of Democracy estimate that up to 25% of the refined oil that Europe imports still comes from Russia.

Consulting firm Windward estimates that ‘Putin’s shadow fleet’ now includes 1,400 ships. Craig Kennedy, a Harvard researcher who studies Russia’s energy policy, speaks of a “sanctions circumvention fleet”.

Beyond that, he says that since the summer of 2022 Moscow, alongside the state shipping company Sowkomflot, has been building this fleet by buying or chartering tankers.

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