The sixth SUPER VITA type, ROUSSEN class arrives in Salamis. In the next few days, its official receipt by the Navy
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Published on 04/06/2020 at 08:30

The SUPER VITA-type,ROUSSEN-class Fast Attack Missile Craft (FAMC) is expected to arrive in the next few days at the Salamis Naval Base. The ship will be named after the hero of Imia “Lieutenant Carathanasis”, with the insignia P78. The official receipt of the FAMC will take place at the end of June, according to Greek reports.

The ship is 61.9 meters long, with a beam of 9.50 meters and a draught of 2.8 meters. It weighs 670 tons and can travel at a maximum speed of 34.5 knots and has a range of over 1000 nautical miles.

It has a propulsion of four main MTU engines with a maximum horsepower of 5790HP per engine. Its crew is 45 men.

The armament of the ship, as shown in the infographic, consists of 8 guided S-S Exocet MM-40 Blk2 / Blk3 missiles, one 76mm / 62cal Super Rapid Oto Melara gun, 2 Mk30 30mm Oto Melara guns and one RAM anti-missile system with 21 RIM-116 Block 1A guided missiles.

The Exocet Blk 3 missiles use active radar and have a range of 180 km, while the older Blk 2 (which are also in the possession of the National Guard at the MM40- coastal defence launchers) have a range of 70 km. The two four-cylinder launchers are installed on the deck in a crossed configuration with a double launcher facing to the right and one to the left.

The Greek Navy has 6 ROUSSEN-class FAMCs, including the newly-built P78, while the construction of the 7th craft “VLACHAKOS” is expected to be completed, despite the difficulties faced by the Elefsina shipyards. The construction of these vessels began in 2000 and initially involved the supply of three new FAMC with the option to supply up to four additional similar ships for the needs of the Navy.

The first FAMC that joined the fleet in 2005 was “ROUSSEN”, while in 2006 “DANIOLOS” and “KRYSTALLIDIS” joined. After 4 years, the Navy received the 4th ship “GRIGOROPOULOS” and 5 years later, in 2015, a 5th one named “RITSOS”.

* FAMC P71 “RITSOS” c Greek Navy

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