The perpetrator who injured a policeman with a lath hammer in Apaisia is dead

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Published on 20/03/2020 at 17:36


Α man of Arab origin left his last breath on Thursday night March 19 at the Limassol General Hospital where he was hospitalized. The foreigner was shot in the leg by a police officer after injuring the policeman’s colleague with a lath hammer during the attempt to arrest him.

According to the police, following a complaint against the person allegedly causing damage to cars in the village of Apaisia, two police officers went to his residence.

The suspect attacked a police officer with a lath hammer, injuring him in the face, while a second police officer, in an effort to defend and protect his injured colleague, made use of his service weapon, shooting the suspect in the leg.

The foreigner was taken to Limassol General Hospital where he was admitted to the operating room, but eventually succumbed to his injuries.

The police officer was also transported to Limassol hospital, where his wounds on the face were sutured, while he is currently not in any danger.

The circumstances under which the whole incident took place are being investigated.


With information from CNA




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