Tamnava MLRS | High firepower with the ability to launch 122 and 262 mm rockets
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Published on 06/03/2021 at 18:49

The Tamnava modular multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), made by the Serbian Yugoimport, is a powerful artillery system that has the ability to launch two types of rockets, the 122mm and the larger ones, those of 262mm.

Tamnava, which was unveiled in the defence exhibition in Belgrade in 2019, is a fully automated and autonomous system equipped with a GPS and INS systems.

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The basic version of the system uses disposable launch pods. Tamnava, according to its manufacturer, is capable of receiving 48 rockets 122 mm (2 pods X 24) or 12 rockets 262 mm (2 pods X 6) with additional 48 spare rockets 122 mm.  

Furthermore, the system can carry both rocket types with one pod loaded with 122 mm rockets and the other with 262 mm rockets. It is mounted on a KAMAZ 6560 8X8 vehicle which has an armored cab.

Technical Data:

  • Range: 70 km (262 mm) and 40 km (122 mm)
  • Crew: 3 people
  • Operating temperature range -30°C to +50°C
  • Burst fire with variable time intervals: 0.3s to 1.5s with a 0.1 time interval
  • Single fire
  • Time to prepare for firing: 120”
  • Time to retreat: 60”
  • Maximum system weight: 38 tons

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In recent years there is a strong interest of the National Guard in the purchase of new artillery systems and especially from the Serbian Defence Industry (for reasons including, among others, the cost) with a fine example being the purchase of two Nora B52KE Alexander The Great System (TGS) battalions with a total of 24 self-propelled howitzers. 

M-63 Plammen launcher in parade on October 1

The multiple launch rocket systems, however, are the National’s Guard weak point since only a few 122 mm Grad BM-21 and 128mm M-63 Plamen MLRS are listed in its arsenal.

MLRS BM-21 Grad of the National Guard in static demonstration


The purchase of new and possibly the upgrading of the existing MLRS of the National Guard should be high on the list of armament programs as they are real force multipliers. A simple example is the fact that a Tamnava system can carry up to 96 122 mm rockets with a range of 40 km, while a BM-21 launcher carries 40 rockets with a maximum range of 40 km depending on ammunition. The Plamen rocket launchers have a range of less than 15 kilometers and each launcher carries 32 missiles.

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