Summit on Gaza | Five stages of Cypriot initiative “Amalthia”
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Published on 10/11/2023 at 15:47

The initiative of Cyprus for the creation of a sea corridor aiming at the uninterrupted and safe provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza was presented by Nikos Christodoulidis at the International Humanitarian Summit for the Civilian Population, which took place in Paris.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, during his intervention, and especially during his bilateral contacts, thoroughly presented the detailed planning of the “Amalthia” initiative and the five stages it consists of.

The initiative of the Republic of Cyprus and its specific aspects, President Christodoulidis said, has been discussed at length in the last 4 weeks, in the context of his contacts with the President of Egypt, the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Israel, but also during the contacts of the Foreign Minister during his recent visits to Jordan and Ramallah as well as with his counterparts in the region.

The Republic of Cyprus, added President Christodoulidis, is in constant communication, at all levels, with Israel, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, the United Arab Emirates, EU member states, and the institutions of the European Union, but also with the United Nations, whose contribution is considered decisive in the implementation and success of the initiative.

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The President of the Republic underlined the significant support the initiative receives. According to the statement of the government representative, the support expressed during the conference by the President of France, the President of the European Commission, the President of the European Council, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia and the Greek Prime Minister who declared Greece’s readiness to provide naval means for the transfer of aid from Cyprus to Gaza. Prince Rashid of Jordan also expressed his support.

In a telephone conversation between the President of the Republic and the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, which took place immediately before the Summit, the latter stated that the Netherlands is ready to assist in a specific way in the Cypriot initiative, according to the written statement of the Government Representative.

A statement of the Government Representative, Constantinos Letymiotis, states that approximately 80 countries and international organizations participated in the conference where the main topic of discussion was the coordination of humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Gaza.

Active diplomacy, the utilization of Cyprus’ geographical position, and the excellent diplomatic relations with the states of the region are essential components of strengthening and shielding the Cyprus Initiative for Gaza, Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letympiotis stated.

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The five stages of the “Amalthia” initiative

Introducing the “Amalthia” initiative of the Republic of Cyprus, the President of the Republic stated that the stages of the plan are as follows:

  • Transportation and collection of humanitarian aid in Larnaca
  • Aid inspection, recording, and storage
  • Safe loading onto ships and planes in Larnaca
  • Route through a safe sea lane or by air with ships which will be accompanied by warships of countries taking part in the aid provision process
  • Unloading, receiving, and distribution to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, under UN supervision.

President Christodoulidis referred to the planning being developed and said that a specific implementation plan for the initiative has already been prepared with immediate, mid-term, and long-term solutions and technical arrangements.

The initiative of the Republic of Cyprus, President Christodoulidis said, is a feasible, qualified proposal that can contribute to dealing with the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The immediate proximity of Cyprus, as a state of the region only 210 nautical miles from Gaza, lends itself to the implementation of this initiative, he said.

However, President Christodoulidis emphasized that beyond the proximity, the long-standing excellent relations that Cyprus maintains with the states of the region as well as its credibility as an EU member state strengthen and shield even more the implementation and success of the initiative.

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As was reported by the Government Spokesperson, the President of the Republic invited the participants in the conference to contribute to the implementation of the comprehensive proposal for the initiative, which aims to save human lives, such as Amalthia, the nurturing goddess that gave life, according to Greek mythology.

President Christodoulidis reiterated the need, alongside efforts to provide humanitarian aid, to remain committed to reviving the political horizon and finding a two-state solution, in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.

As part of the conference, the President of the Republic held bilateral meetings with the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammad Ibrahim Shtayyeh, the Prince of Jordan, Rashid bin Hassan, and with the Commissioner General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Philippe Lazzarini.

Upon completion of the Conference, President Christodoulidis will go to Athens, where a working dinner will be held in the context of the 1st Cyprus-Greece Intergovernmental Summit.

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