Cyprus | Estia plan implemented for those leaving Israel
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Published on 16/10/2023 at 10:48

Our island welcomes thousands of people who are either leaving from or returning to Israel.

Cyprus has emerged as a hub for people who leave Israel by any means to return to their countries, but also for those Israelis who interrupt their vacations to return to their homeland and their loved ones.

Tourists who were in Israel when the war with Hamas broke out have also experienced equally hard times.

Several European countries have requested Cyprus’ help in finding accommodation for foreign nationals until they board repatriation flights. The Estia plan has already been implemented, with the Cypriot authorities responding to requests for assistance.

At the same time, security measures have been strengthened in the critical infrastructures of the island.

The British Minister of Defence, Grant Shapps, was also in Akrotiri to be briefed on the readiness of the British forces in case they needed to carry out reconnaissance missions in the Middle East.

Source: Euronews

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