Rockets fired by Palestinians and Israeli air strikes – VIDEO
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Published on 11/05/2021 at 07:19

The Israeli army announced early today that rockets continued to be fired overnight by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip against the southern part of the country. “Since 18:00 (yesterday Monday), terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip have been firing rockets against Israeli civilians. Non-stop. The time is now 04:00 PM. Rocket attacks have been taking place for 10 hours,” the Israeli staff posted on Twitter earlier today.

Just before midnight, the Israeli army was counting 150 rocket attacks. Dozens of them were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defence system, it assured.

The Israeli retaliation was extremely deadly. At least 20 Palestinians, including nine children, have been killed in strikes in the Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. The Jerusalem Post reported that eight Hamas members are dead.

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The EU calls for an end to the violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have peaked recently. Over the weekend, hundreds of people – at least 610, according to the spokesperson of the Palestinian Red Crescent citing the newspaper Al Quds – were injured in incidents in Jerusalem, at a site considered sacred by worshipers of three religions, such as the Temple Mount, or Noble Sanctuary, as Muslims call it.

According to Jerusalem Post, a Hamas spokesman threatened around midnight that the group’s armed wing would launch large-scale attacks if Israeli police forces did not leave the shrine within two hours.

After the deadline set in the ultimatum expired, a Hamas spokesman said the plan was canceled because Israel backed down. However, so far there has been no confirmation that forces, police or others, have withdrawn from this area of ​​Jerusalem.

According to a Palestinian radio network, Israeli airstrikes continued overnight in several cities in the Gaza Strip.

The cities of Der al-Bala and Khan Yunis have been hit repeatedly, as has Jabalya.

The Israeli army says its forces have killed 15 members of Palestinian militant groups overnight in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave where 130 rockets were fired in retaliation for dozens of rockets fired at southern Israel.

“We have hit 130 military targets, mostly Hamas,” Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Konrikous told reporters. “According to our current estimates, we have killed 15 members of Hamas and the (Palestinian) Islamic Jihad,” he added. 

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Source: ANA MPA 






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