Putin’s address | “Those behind mutiny will be held accountable before justice”
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Published on 27/06/2023 at 12:28

In his speech Vladimir Putin sent a clear message that those behind the mutiny will be held accountable before justice, underlining that the mutiny aimed at weakening the country.

To add that the majority of Wagner’s fighters are patriots and that by retreating they avoided bloodshed.

Further, he made accusations that any kind of blackmail is doomed to failure and the West wanted the Russians to kill each other.

He also made it clear that he will respect the Belarus agreement for the Wagner group, as they will have the opportunity to continue serving Russia by means of a contract with the Ministry of Defence or other security services, and return to their own people. Any fighter who wants to go to Belarus will not be stopped.

In the end, he did not fire Shoigu – information that had leaked to Reuters – nor did he refer to Prigozhin.

Finally, he did not omit to thank the Russian people for their unity, while he argued that Ukraine also played a role in the rebellion.

Source: CNN Greece

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