Police Association efforts to resolve the staff advancement issue
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Published on 09/07/2020 at 15:21

The issue of the accelerated advancement of Police, Firefighters and Special Police within a combined salary scale of about 1300 colleagues was highlighted by the Police Association and, with its own painstaking efforts and actions, a relevant agreement was reached.

Unfortunately, it is noted that the whole issue was not promoted for implementation, after the decision of the Treasury of the Republic to request an opinion from the Law Office on the salary arrangements in question, so every effort is made with everyone involved to resolve the issue as soon as possible, with the aim of implementing the relevant agreement.

On the occasion of publications regarding the delay in the salary promotion of Police staff, Firefighters and Special Police and the organization of a protest march by a number of affected colleagues to the Presidential Palace, on July 17, 2020, the Police Association states that it is making intensive efforts with the support of PA.SY.D.Y., for wider restructuring and upgrading in the whole range of the structure of the Police and Firefighters as well as the colleagues of Special Police.

That is why it is mentioned that the issue has been registered with a detailed memorandum in MEPA, whereby a discussion is expected, with the aim of reaching a mutually acceptable settlement. It should be noted that recently, in the framework of MEPA, the long-lasting issue of the harmonization of the Police timetable with the one in the Public Sector was discussed and resolved.

The Association calls for restraint and considers the mobilization on July 17 untimely and unnecessary, as both the Government and the Political Parties support the Agreement reached. It should be emphasized that the issue of refusal of the Treasury of the Republic to implement the Rules voted by the Parliament, occupied the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs and efforts are being made to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Concluding, the Police Association categorically denies that there has been a mass leave of members from their ranks and assures its members that it will always be by their side to protect their rights and promote their just demands. Finally, the Association wants to assure its colleagues that in case this issue is not resolved, they will proceed by taking dynamic measures in collaboration with PA.SY.DY.

Meanwhile, the President and the Central Secretariat of C.P.A. met on 8/07/2020 with the newly appointed Chief and Deputy Chief of Police, giving their congratulations and the support of the Association for the benefit of the Police and members in general.

The meeting also discussed several issues concerning the members of the association and laid the foundations for a healthy and fruitful cooperation, the association announced.

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