Parliament of Catalonia | Recognises Kurdish Administration in Syria
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Published on 24/10/2021 at 17:30

The local Parliament of Catalonia recognised by a vote on 20/10 the Kurdish Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). 

The Catalan Parliament, which is institutionalised within the autonomy given to it by the Spanish political system, also reaffirmed its support for the Democratic Confederation system that the Kurds are trying to implement in the Rozava region and also approved the deepening of the Catalan-Kurdish relations. 

With 80 votes in favour and 49 against, the local Catalan Parliament becomes the first official parliamentary body to recognise the Kurdish Administration in Syria. Respectively, the Kurdish Administration thanked the Catalan Parliament. Recognition does not refer to an independent state entity, but to an autonomous political administration. 

As to whether there will be any objections from the Spanish government to the responsibilities of the Catalan Parliament or to what extent similar actions will follow still remains to be seen. 

It is recalled that the referendums for the independence of Catalonia and the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan took place in 2017.

With information from: Al Monitor, Kurdistan24

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