Paris Air Show | Lerity’s “HEMISPACE” optronic system present at the french trade fair
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Published on 19/06/2023 at 08:49

The French company LERITY will be exhibiting its innovations at the upcoming SIAE Paris Air Show at the Paris-Le Bourget expo center from June 19th to 25th, 2023.   

Among others, the French company shall unveil HEMISPACE™ system, an electro-optical 360° drone detection system at its stand number G 137 in Hall 2B (exhibiting with the ALCEN group), and at the same time, HEMISPACE will be presented in the French Ministry of Defence’s exhibition area in zone A3.

The system at issue is an innovative passive and active optronic detection and ranging system specially designed for anti-drone operations. 

Its area of application varies, as it includes detection, identification, and localization of threats such as autonomous drones (operating single or in a swarm) as well as surveillance of critical areas like the perimeter of big events or infrastructures. 

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Further, the system, except for its standalone configuration, is compatible with all kinds of effectors and sensors. The module is composed of 12 very high-resolution cameras evenly distributed across a half-sphere structure, thus ensuring full-sky coverage of any flying system including micro-UAVs (30×30 cm).

Each of these cameras can passively detect and track up to 10 targets for a total of 120 possible threats under daylight and night conditions, while active mode (partial or full illumination) is possible for nighttime in full dark conditions (no moon or starlight). 

Its operational range in the standalone configuration is up to 2 km for micro-UAVs and 16 km for UAVs measuring 3×3 m. Regarding its operational range within a mesh, this is up to 6 km for micro-UAVs and up to 20 km for  UAVs measuring 3×3 m.

The mesh of HEMISPACE units allows for Passive Measurement of Distance via the triangulation method, while the units are interconnected by private and secure IP network or wireless communication. All coordinates can be sent automatically to the effectors for immediate neutralization in real-time.

HEMISPACE unit’s technical characteristics include: 

  • Field of view: 360° × 90° 
  • 12 Very high-resolution cameras
  • Latency: < 0.1 s
  • Temperature: -40 °C – +70 °C
  • Localization accuracy: < 1 mrad
  • High-performance electronic compass
  • High-performance inclinometer
  • Height: 50 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg without battery / 25 kg with battery
  • Integration to different C2

LERITY, a manufacturer in the field of high-technology vision systems, is a French company with over 35 years of existence, whose equipment is integrated on diverse platforms (land, naval, air). In the aerospace sector, for instance, LERITY notably makes the HUD (Head-Up Display) camera for the RAFALE jet.

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