Ozersay’s complaints for Hale’s visit and Erhurman’s statement for the Eastern Mediterranean
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Published on 17/08/2020 at 10:26

“The one-sided approach” by the US was “mistaken”,  said Kudret Ozersay adding that he was aware of yesterday’s meeting of the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, with Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides. He also said that he had conveyed his position to the US ambassador in Cyprus over their telephone communication last week.

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As reported by the occupied territories, in a written statement, the “foreign minister” stated that “we conveyed to her that the one-sided consultations, without any contact with the representatives of the north are out of step with the reality on the island and the spirit of democratic dialogue.”

These approaches, he continued, “do not contribute to stability in the region, but only fuel the audacious approach of the Greek Cypriot leadership and stoke the tension and instability.”

Mr. Ozersay said that in his telephone communication with the US Ambassador, he raised the issue of the obstacles that the Greek Cypriot side raises in regards to movement across (the Green Line) and how this will affect the Turkish Cypriot economy.

Meanwhile, in a post on Social Media, the president of the PTK and candidate for “president”, Tufan Erhürman, stated that the Greek-Cypriot side continues to ignore the fact that the Turkish-Cypriot “people” is a partner and one of the two components of this island and, therefore, has a say in every natural resource.

 In an effort to strengthen their position, he added, (referring to the Greek-Cypriots), French jets and Israeli helicopters were stationed here and even called for a European fleet in the region against Turkey.

No one, he continued, can claim that these efforts serve neither peace on the island and the region, nor the solution, saying that “there is a need to return immediately to the meaningful, logical path.” And that is, he said, to abandon the efforts that do not take into account the rights of the Turkish Cypriots and to act “with a vision of peace and solution, fair sharing in a climate of healthy dialogue that will be created within the framework of international law on the island and in the region”.

This is the only vision that should be supported by international organizations, especially the European Union, concluded Erhürman.

Source (in Greek): CNA 

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