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Published on 10/09/2020 at 09:56

The Hellenic National Defence General Staff has arranged the commencement of new programs, but also the immediate purchase of equipment so as to cover the needs of the Army.

Air Force:

In addition to the purchase of Rafale fighter aircraft, the re-certification of “made in France” missiles such as the “Scalp” as well as the increase of the Greek deposit of sub-strategic weapons are also pursued.

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Along with the upgraded F-16s in the viper category, it is estimated that the quality superiority of the Greek air force against the Turkish one is growing. Furthermore, while the program is underway, the American embassy denies the information that saw the light of day claiming that the US refused the sale of “Harpoon” missiles.


The Navy could not be excluded from the armaments program. Through an international competition, Greece aims to acquire a number of new frigates and corvettes. In addition, the upgrade of the MEKO 200 frigates is a priority for the Navy.

In another development, the Greek Parliament is expected to give the green light for the program of acquisition of “heavy type” torpedoes Sea Hake mod 4, which will equip the state-of-the-art Submarines of type-214 and the modernized type-209 “OKEANOS”.

This development is estimated to proceed rapidly, resolving a very serious issue.

Land Forces: 

Athens’ armaments program includes vital weapon systems of the Army, such as the modernization of AH-64 Apache attack helicopters and the upgrade of the multiple MLRS launchers.

Additional information from the Greek press speaks of the acquisition of 1.200 Armored Personnel Transport Vehicles  M1117 from the surplus equipment of the United States.

The specific news has been circulating in the Greek media since last November; however, the latest information states that the Minister of National Defence undertook to run the process during his trip to America, accompanying the Prime Minister, having with him the relevant file for the meeting with his counterpart. The information states that he has found positive ground and it seems that the relevant procedures will be followed very soon.

On Wednesday, September 9, the Leadership of the Ministry of National Defence informed the Committee on Armaments Programs and Contracts.

With information from: ETHNOS / HellasJournal / ERT / Ε

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