Naval Group | Delivery of the FREMM DA “Alsace” frigate to the French Navy – VIDEO
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Published on 16/04/2021 at 20:32

The Naval Group announced that delivered today, April 16, 2021, the FREMM DA frigate (Frégate Européenne Multimissions de Défense Aérienne) “Alsace”, in the French Navy, in accordance with the commitments of the program.


The ceremony took place in Toulon in the presence of French Defense Minister Florence Parly. The “Alsace” is the first of two frigates with air defense capabilities and the seventh FREMM multi-mission frigate commissioned by the French Navy.

“Alsace” is the first frigate with enhanced air defence capability. Her role will be the anti-aircraft defence of major units such as the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, or that of PHA-type landing helicopter docks, within the framework of a naval air and amphibious group.

The FREMM DA according to Naval Group uses the most advanced weapons systems and equipment, such as the Herakles multifunction radar, the Aster 15 and 30 and Exocet MM 40 missiles and the MU 90 torpedoes. Like the other units of the FREMM series, she carries the NH90 helicopter (Caïman Marine), whose use is supported by the SAMAHE® system supplied also by Naval Group.

Benefiting from the experience acquired on the FREMM already delivered, it also incorporates several capability upgrades in response to rapidly changing technologies (communications, cyber defense, etc.).

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The performance of her combat system is strengthened with increased radar and communication capabilities, a new radar and electro-optical fire control system as well as Naval Group SETIS® Combat Management System equipped with specific air defence functions.

FREMM DA Technical features  

  • Overall length: 142 metres
  • Width: 20 metres
  • Displacement:. 6000 tons
  • Maximum speed: 27 knots
  • Accommodation capacity: 165 peoples
  • Autonomy: 6000 nautical miles at 15 knots


  • 8  Exocet MM40 Block 3 anti-ship missiles
  • 32  Aster missiles in Vertical Launch System (VLS) Sylver®
  • 1 main naval-gun 76 mm
  • 4 machine guns 12.7 mm
  • 19 lightweight MU90 torpedo
  • 1 Caïman naval warfare helicopter
  • 2 Narwhal 20-mm CIWS remotely-operated naval weapon

FREMM “Alsace” © Naval Group

Naval Group has built nine FREEM DA ships, seven for the French Navy and two for the Royal Moroccan Navy and the Royal Egyptian Navy, respectively. The eighth and last FREMM DA for France is scheduled in 2022.

Despite the pandemic, the FREMM DA “Alsace” is being delivered on schedule by shifts from Naval Group and its industrial partners including Thales, MBDA,  Sagem, Jeumont, MTU, Oto Melara and Avio. 

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