National Guard | Hundreds of Non-Commissioned Officers Promotions
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Published on 19/06/2020 at 21:01

Hundreds of promotions of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) of the National Guard were announced today. These promotions were included in the Ministry of Defence’s 2020 budget.

Based on our information the NCO’s promotions will be followed by Officers’ promotions in the following months (most probably in September). The Officers’ promotions have not yet been made due to procedural reasons. It is noted that, as we first informed you, the evaluation process for 2020 has been completed and the process of retirement has already begun.

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In her statements on our page, the President of the Association of Non-Commissioned Officers of the Cyprus Army (SYKS), Mrs. Keti Markoullidou, said that the development with the promotions of Non-Commissioned Officers is very positive since there were NCOs who had not received a single promotion for several years. These promotions, she added, include promotions that did not take place in the previous years for various reasons.





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