Ministry of Defence | Fine and imprisonment for reservists avoiding reserve military service – When their presentations should take place
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Published on 26/01/2021 at 11:18

In cooperation with the Cyprus Police, the Ministry of Defence has made the necessary steps so as to arrange the presentations of reservists who avoid military service.

In particular, following the development of a surveillance system for reservists who avoid military service by the Ministry of Defence, the Police has modified its computerized system to enable its members to locate, print and deliver Individual Invitation Sheets to reservists, the performance of whom is pending by the National Guard. 

The invitation will be delivered to reservists during their visit at various Police Stations. This amendment has already been implemented, while at the same time the upgrade of the application is underway, so that in the near future this control will be carried out at the entry and exit points of the Republic.

The Minister of Defence, exercising the powers vested in him by the National Guard Laws 2011-2018, and after taking into account the suggestions of the Chief of the National Guard, calls all reservists, who avoid military service and fall into the following categories, to present themselves at the Reserve Forces Departments before April 30, 2021:

  1. Classes 1989 to 2019 (Born from 1971 to 2001).
  2. Those whose reasons for the temporary deferral of their reserve military service are no longer valid.
  3. Those who do not have in their possession an Individual Invitation Sheet for 2021.
  4. Those whose Special Roadmap has not been updated.

Upon their arrival at the Reserve Forces Departments, reservists should bring:

  1. The identity card or passport or any other official document of the Republic for identification purposes.
  2. The Special Roadmap.
  3. Supporting documents, in case of change of residence (utility bill).

The above do not apply for reservists of all classes that have been permanently released. The announcement emphasizes that reservists who fail to comply with the provisions of paragraph (3) of Article 45 of the National Guard Law before April 30, 2021 commit an offense and in case of conviction, they are subject to imprisonment not exceeding one (1) year or to a fine not exceeding two thousand euros (€ 2000) or to both (2) such penalties as provided in paragraph (1) (f) of Article 68.

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