Minister of Defence | We are witnessing significant developments with Turkey’s actions in EEZ and Famagusta – Photos
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Published on 22/07/2021 at 11:21

We are witnessing significant developments with Turkey’s escalating, unacceptable and dangerous actions in our Exclusive Economic Zone and Famagusta, said the Minister of Defence in his speech during the oath ceremony held at the Non-Commissioned Officers’ School.

In this unprecedented and unstable environment, he noted, the state of Cyprus and especially the National Guard are expecting a lot from the new personnel and I am sure that they will look worthy of our trust and expectations.

It is with feelings of joy and pride, he said, that we gathered here today to welcome to the large family of the armed forces the new 2021 Non-Commissioned Officers who have just successfully graduated from the Military Schools of the Army, Naval and Air Forces.

Addressing the graduates, the Minister stated that “you are rightly proud of your efforts by commencing your active service in the armed forces of our country. Your choice honours you very much because you chose a difficult path to follow, that of the military, and for that you deserve to be congratulated.”

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Combining high-level academic and military training as well as hard training to improve your physical and mental endurance, he noted, you have been provided with all the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully progress in your new career, in the ranks of the National Guard.

You fully responded, he continued, to the high-level requirements of your Schools and you seemed to meet the expectations of your instructors, your families, achieving the goals you had set.

“The obligations arising from your new duties are numerous, but having confidence in your persistence and skills, I am sure that you will work with enthusiasm and professionalism for the sake of the homeland and the National Guard. I call on you to turn your military spirit into a way of life. Be an example of modesty and seriousness to your subordinates. Strictly abide by the rules of discipline, as required by military regulations, and at the same time rule with compassion.”

Your path, he continued, will be difficult and arduous, but face every obstacle and difficulty as a challenge to strengthen your mental and physical strength.

Always remember, the Minister stressed, that the most crucial factor which the National Guard relies on in order to carry out its mission is none other than the high level of education and training of its personnel.

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