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Published on 19/04/2024 at 08:02

Israel retaliated against Iran for Tehran’s attack on Israeli territory over the weekend, a US administration source said.

In fact, the US was informed in advance about this operation, but there has been no US participation.

Iran deployed air defence systems in several cities, Iranian state media reported, while explosions were reported in Isfahan, in the central part of the Islamic Republic.

The explosions in Isfahan early in the morning took place because of the deployment of Iranian air defence systems, an Iranian official assured Iran, insisting that there has been no missile attack in the country. The official Iranian news agency IRNA reported that no large-scale damage was reported.

The US television network ABC News reported, citing a source in the US government, that missiles launched by Israeli aircraft hit a facility in Iran early in the morning. CNN clarified that the operation did not target Iranian nuclear facilities, citing a US official.

Several drones were shot down by Iran’s air defences early in the morning, but, at least so far, there have been no reports of a missile attack, a spokesman for Iran’s space agency assured.

As of now, there has been no airstrike from abroad on Isfahan or other parts of the country, Hossein Dalirian said via X, contradicting reports by an US television network about an Israeli attack on Iran.

Asked by AFP, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said it had no comment to make at this time on reports of powerful explosions in the area where a military base is located in central Iran’s Isfahan province.

Israel had announced earlier this week that it would retaliate against Iran’s attack over the weekend with hundreds of drones and missiles.

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