Limassol | The largest aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy arrives at the port – Photos & VIDEO
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Published on 30/06/2021 at 14:01
A photo of the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth at the Limassol Port was published by the account of the British High Commission in Cyprus. 

According to the British report, the largest aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy visited Cyprus in the framework of the bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and the United Kingdom. 

According to the announcement, in addition to the refuelling and support of HMS Queen Elizabeth at the Limassol Port, various staff training activities will also be carried out. 

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest and most powerful aircraft carrier ever built for the British Royal Navy. The huge aircraft carrier can carry up to 40 aircraft.

In addition to state-of-the-art weapon and communication systems, HMS Queen Elizabeth features five gyms, a chapel and a medical center.

The flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth is 280 meters long. The aircraft carrier can carry 24 to 36 5th generation F-35B Lightning IIs and 14 helicopters. In addition, four fighter jets can be moved from the hangar to the flight deck in just one minute.

The aircraft carrier has a displacement of 65,000 tons and can sail at a speed of 25+ knots. 

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