Large number of warships, combat aircraft and attack helicopters in the final phase of “MEDOUSA 10”

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Published on 05/12/2020 at 15:00

With a large number of warships, combat aircraft and attack helicopters, and 2,100 military personnel, the four Mediterranean countries of Egypt, Greece, Cyprus and France and the United Arab Emirates today topped the presentation of the largest aeronautical exercise in the Alexandrian sea, “MEDOUSA 10”, giving the message of peace, stability and security in the region.  

In the famous helicopter carrier, Anwar El Sadat, the Mystral which is also the flagship of the Northern Fleet of the Egyptian Navy, is the Greek Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos and his Egyptian counterpart Lieutenant General Pervolarakis, the Chief of the National Guard General Staff, in the presence of the Commander of the Cyprus Navy, Admiral Charalambous, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus, Omiros Mavromatis.  

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The scenario of the exercise is based on a supposed amphibious enemy movement with the aim to occupy an area of ​​the northern Mediterranean coast. The units of all five countries coordinate and react accordingly. 

The exercise coincides with the completion of a five-year period since it began to be carried out jointly with Greece and Egypt, with Cyprus, France and the United Arab Emirates taking part this year.     

According to the organizers, the joint aeronautical exercise aims to strengthen maritime safety in the Mediterranean Sea.     

For this purpose, asymmetric threat drills, real fire drills, casualty drills, maritime communications drills, amphibious operations as well as search and rescue drills are carried out.  

Cyprus participates with the offshore ship “Ioannidis”, with 36 military personnel.  

Greece participates with two frigates, a submarine, a barge, attack helicopters, special forces and F-16 fighter jets.

Source: CNA

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