Israeli | The arms industry faces unprecedented demand for firearm possession
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Published on 17/11/2023 at 19:33

While many businesses are shut down, the Israeli arms manufacturing industry faces soaring demands since the establishment of the state.

One hundred ninety thousand (190,000) new applications for firearms possession licences were also added to the growing needs of the Army and the units on alert, with tens of thousands of rifles and pistols already delivered to civilians, which has led to a loss of contracts abroad.

Normally, about 90% of its produce is intended for export. However, against the great sentiment of insecurity due to the war against Hamas, IWI cancelled its participation in three defence exhibitions in order to reduce prominence, on the recommendation of security officials. 

All departments at the production facility of IWI have been working intensely; the production machines have been working non-stop and around the clock for more than a month, even on weekends. The goal is the everyday supply of hundreds of assault rifles to the IDF units fighting on the front and to the units on alert that are being equipped with pistols from the market.

The staffing of the factories is not an easy task these days and the defence material factories urgently need additional employees, as many workers were recruited into the IDF reserves. 

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Particularly, about 40% of the employees of the arms manufacturer Emtan, and about 20% of the employees of IWI, were drafted into the reserve forces last month. Both companies are trying to take in dozens of replacement workers to staff the production and assembly departments in order to keep up with the required armament rate.

According to the Israeli Haartz, since the beginning of the war, more than 190,000 applications for firearms possession licences have been submitted to the Ministry of National Security, and more than 210,000 applications have been submitted in the first ten months of 2023. So far, about 31 thousand licences have been issued. 

By contrast, 42,000 applications were submitted and approximately 13,000 licences were granted in 2022, whereas in 2021 these numbers reached 20,000 and 10,000 respectively.

This process of arming entails risks for many reasons, but the manufacturers directly respond that “it’s not the gun that kills but the person who pulls the trigger”, while the licences are issued selectively followed by a professional and responsible process.

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