Iran – Saudi Arabia | Agreement to restore diplomatic relations
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Published on 13/03/2023 at 12:40

Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed on Friday to restore diplomatic relations and reopen embassies after years of tensions between the two countries.

The deal, struck in Beijing the previous week amid the ceremonial National People’s Congress, represents a major diplomatic victory for the Chinese as Gulf Arab states perceive the United States as slowly withdrawing from the wider Middle East.

It also comes as diplomats try to end a years-long war in Yemen, a conflict in which both Iran and Saudi Arabia are deeply entrenched.

The two countries issued a joint statement on the deal with China, which apparently brokered the deal. Chinese state media did not immediately report the deal.

Iran’s state media released images and videos of the meeting, which were described as taken in China. It showed Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, with Saudi national security adviser, Musaad bin Mohammed al-Aiban and Wang Yi, China’s most senior diplomat.

After the decision is implemented, the Foreign Ministers of both nations will meet to prepare for the exchange of ambassadors, Iranian state television said, adding that the talks were held over four days.

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