INTRACOM DEFENSE | Participation in five new EDF 2022 Projects
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Published on 04/10/2023 at 08:10

According to the results announced by the European Commission (EC), all five new projects, in which Intracom Defense participates, have been selected for funding within the framework of the European Defence Fund – EDF 2022:

  • “DePloyable Special OpeRations Forces MulTiEnvironment CommAnd Post and C2 System (SOFCPC2)” – PROTEAS
  • “Future Air System for European Tactical Transportation” – FASETT
  • “Threats Identification by Collaborative vehicles for Human life saving against Explosives” – TICHE
  • “multinational Development Initiative for a Space-based missile earlY-warning architecture II” – ODIN’S EYE II
  • “Covert and Advanced multi-modal Sensor Systems for tArget acquisition and reconnaissance” – CASSATA

IDE coordinates the PROTEAS project consortium, which comprises partners from Greece (IDE, ISD S.A., Satways), Belgium (C&V Consulting, Dotocean), France (Thales Six GTS France, Commissariat à l’ Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, Hensoldt France SAS, SAS Impact), Germany (Rheinmetall Electronics), Italy (Leonardo S.p.A.), Norway (Squarehead), the Netherlands (Losbergerde boer) and Cyprus (Eight Bells, Ubitech).

The ultimate goal of this project is to create an unprecedented Special Operations Forces (SOF) Command Post and Command & Control System (SOFCPC2) to support EU-led SOF Small-scale Joint Operations. It is expected to provide significant value to the end users, since it will promote the upgraded role of EU-envisioned SOF and reduce the cost of EU SOF Small-scale Joint Operations.

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The Hellenic Ministry of Defence (HMoD) contributes significantly to the above effort, as it not only supports and co-funds the above projects, but it will also act as the Project Manager of the PROTEAS project. 

The structured and productive cooperation between HMoD’s authorities and the industry decisively strengthens the country’s presence in the emerging European defence industrial infrastructure, providing operational advantages to the Hellenic Armed Forces and significant benefits to the Greek economy.

The above projects are related to strategic product/technology areas of the company, such as Hybrid Energy and Storage Technologies, Tactical Communications, and Unmanned Systems, where IDE has a competitive advantage and can contribute significantly with its technology, know-how, and expertise. 

This IDE’s new success confirms once again the company’s international dynamics and reliability and follows the positive results already achieved in the framework of EDF programs.

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