ILA 2022 | MBDA unveils its new, stand-off surface-to-surface JFS-M missile system – VIDEO
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Published on 26/06/2022 at 18:00

In the context of the international defence exhibition “ILA 2022”, MBDA Germany (a subsidiary of the multinational MBDA) unveiled its new stand-off surface-to-surface Joint Fire Support Missile (JFS-M).

The showcased JFS-M is a prototype of a state-of-the-art, long-range, guided stand-off cruise missile to be launched by artillery systems. 

It is designed by MBDA Germany and an agreement has already been signed with the intention of cooperation in the development of the system with the German KMW of the KNDS group. JFS-M is MBDA’s proposal for the Bundeswehr’s Future Indirect Fire System. 

The Joint Fire Support Missile can be used in strike and reconnaissance missions – as part of a wider Sensor-to-Shooter system – in electronic combat (active or passive) as well as a training variant.

Its main advantages include:

  • Target engagement in all ranges (1-300+ km)
  • Mixed armament on different platforms with other types of ammunition possible
  • Network-centric operations with simultaneously updating the target data (course and speed) through a data link from other systems such as UAVs or satellites as part of the integrated Sensor-to-Shooter system
  • A low signature (IR/RF) and a trajectory adapted to the terrain make reconnaissance and combat of the missile more difficult
  • Integration of different warheads
  • Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems
  • Omnidirectional target approach (various target approaches in terms of direction, flight altitude and range)

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According to the company, this missile system makes use of the latest technologies, as it integrates image-based navigation sensors in addition to the latest fail-safe GPS navigation, Automated Target Recognition (ATR) along with AI to aid in the target engagement process and multi-effect warheads.

Also, the JFS-M can be used from current and future platforms, as integration into existing Bundeswehr platforms such as MARS II (the German name for the US MLRS) is possible, while it can be launched from other platforms in the future, such as other multiple artillery launchers. The system may even be used in a stand-alone configuration.

JFS-M technical characteristics:

  • Maximum Operational Range: up to 300+ km
  • Propulsion: Booster + turbojet engine
  • Speed: Min Mach 0.4 – Max Mach 0.9
  • Payload: Multi-effector warhead or scalable warhead
  • Navigation: Robust GPS navigation and image-based navigation
  • Extras: Missile-to-Missile Datalink; Platform Missile Data Link: Up-/Downlink Mission Planning, 3D Flight Path Planning, Time Over Target 

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