IDEX 2023 | EDGE GROUP unveils new achievements of the UAE defence industry – Photos
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Published on 20/02/2023 at 15:22

UAE-based EDGE GROUP made an impressive presence at the international defence exhibition IDEX 2023. The IDEX exhibition is held in the UAE with the participation of the largest companies in the international defence industry.

EDGE Group presented for the first time a series of innovative solutions which include aerial, maritime, and ground platforms.

Aerial platforms include the unmanned aerial vehicle (UCAV) JENIAH which, although its exact characteristics have not yet been released, the company says it has high endurance, mobility, and payload. The Ground Control Station for tracking and handling the UCAV was also presented.

Also, the company presented the AIR TRUCK unmanned helicopter. With a payload capacity greater than the Jeniah, the Air Truck is intended for logistical support of forces operating on the ground in remote locations and can be used for both reconnaissance and medical evacuation (MEDIVAC) missions.

AIR TRUCK’s technical characteristics:

  • Payload: 500 kg
  • Maximum range: 360 km
  • Operational speed: 120 km/h

In addition, the QX6-50 twin-propeller unmanned aerial vehicle, the newest addition to the QX series, was introduced. The QX6-50 can be used for both military and civilian purposes for logistics and troop support missions. It is based on a modular structure and the company reports that there is considerable ease in its maintenance process.

QX6-50 Technical characteristics:

  • Payload: 50 kg
  • Range: 200 km

The company also introduced the Instrumented Testing Platform, a fixed-wing UAV for air-to-ground munitions flight testing.

Regarding ground platforms, EDGE GROUP, in collaboration with Milrem Robotics from Estonia, presented the unmanned ground vehicle THeMIS in Combat and Observer versions. It is recalled that THeMIS is already being used on the battlefield in Ukraine.

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The Type X Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) was also unveiled. Regarding this vehicle, the company says that it can operate alongside conventional Armored Fighting Vehicles providing the necessary firepower. The system of Milrem Robotics, Intelligent Functions Kit MIFIK, is used for the operation and control system.

Further, EDGE showcased the multi-role 8×8 Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) NIMR RCV which, according to a relevant announcement, is built for tactical movement, high performance, agility, and speed. Its structure is based on a modular design, while its field deployment can increase survivability by increasing the distance from enemy forces.

Finally, in the field of maritime systems, EDGE GROUP introduced the 170-M unmanned sea vessel Detector. It is designed for intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, underwater mine detection, and mapping. It can be configured for manned or unmanned missions for military and civilian purposes to perform a range of surface warfare, surveillance, and mapping missions for naval and civilian forces.

170-M DETECTOR Technical characteristics:

  • Length: 17,4 m
  • Maximum speed: 40 knots (diesel mode)
  • Silent electric propulsion mode: Up to 4 hours

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