Himarra | Freddy Beleris wins Municipal Elections
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Published on 15/05/2023 at 15:30

Freddy Beleris has won the municipal elections of Himarra, despite his prosecution and pre-trial detention by the Albanian authorities. The expatriate candidate fought head-to-head from the first ballot to the last.

It is expected that the development of the case will be clarified as the Greek government described Beleris’ pre-trial detention as unacceptable and stressed that there will be consequences for Albania’s accession efforts.

Also, in the elections in the municipality of Finikis the winner is the candidate of the Party of Greeks for the Future (MEGA) in coalition with the ruling Socialist Party, Romaios Tsakoulis, with 41% of the votes against 29% for his two opponents respectively. In the municipality of Dropoli, the winner with 80% of the votes is the candidate of the Socialist Party, Dimitrakis Tolis.

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