Hellenic Police | The body camera plan
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Published on 24/11/2023 at 14:30

Police officers are to be equipped with cameras, which they will always carry, in line with the other countries’ standards of police operation.

The videos recorded will also be part of case files, if necessary.

The plan of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, according to Kathimerini, concerns the supply and operation of 2,400 cameras carried by policemen and installed in the vehicles of frontline police officers.

In particular, the purchase of 2,000 body cameras and 400 vehicle cameras is planned, which will be supplied by the Hellenic Police through an open tender process.

The cameras will always be constantly recording and all videos will be saved simply by pushing a button. Equally important is the fact that the cameras will offer live broadcast of the situation to the operations center to improve coordination.=

The data will be kept for 2 days if they relate to demonstrations and 15 days in all other cases. Any videos used for judicial purposes will be kept as long as necessary.

The budget amounts to 9 million euros and the maximum project implementation time is 15 months.

It is noted that the Hellenic Police will also procure 700 fixed traffic management and surveillance cameras, which will be placed in areas with increased crime rates.

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