Hellenic Armed forces | Wind tunnel for combat free-fall training simulator and other armament programs
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Published on 25/10/2023 at 18:12

Seven contracts for the upgrade and supply of weapon systems totaling 1.6 billion Euros, of which three are under the authority of the Hellenic Army General Staff, three are under the Hellenic Air Force General Staff and one is under the Hellenic Navy General Staff, were approved by the Armaments Committee of the Parliament. A majority of the parties approved the programs.

In detail, the programs concerning the Hellenic Army General Staff are:

  • Activation of the MLRS modernization program and the supply of medium- and long-range missiles, worth €1,081,860,000 billion.
  • Participation in the French government satellite program Composante Spatiale Optique. Greek participation is 2% and amounts to €119,800,000.
  • Funding for the technical support of the Apache attack helicopters, worth 46 million euros.

The programs concerning the Hellenic Air Force General Staff are:

  • Follow-On Support (FOS) of the AWACS Aircraft and related equipment, worth €83,106,036.
  • Acquisition of HERON I type UAV system (exercise of option) and Follow-on Support (FOS), worth €39,272,798.
  • Construction – infrastructure upgrade in Crete to increase operational capabilities, worth €160 million.

The program concerning the Hellenic Navy General Staff is:

  • Supply of 52 RAM guided missiles to cover a load of ROUSSEN-class Fast Attack Craft, equal to €74 million.

Participation in the CSO program concerns the third-generation satellite observation program for the French Armed Forces, which replaces the HELIOS 2 satellites, while the MLRS modernization program concerns the upgrade of 24 of the 36 M270 fire units, worth approximately $290 million, while the rest of the cost concerns the supply of rockets.

The remaining 12 fire units will not be modernized in order to remain compatible with the use of existing missiles.

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Also, “Anonymous Technical Electromechanical Company TRITON ACT” was appointed the temporary contractor of the tender for the construction and follow-on support of a free-fall training simulator (wind tunnel) for the benefit of the Special Operations Forces.

The offer of the economic operator in question provides for an average presumptive discount of 1.50%, which resulted after negotiation, according to the decision posted on Diavgeia. It is recalled that the tender budget of the project amounts to 14 million euros.

The total contract execution period is set at a maximum of 108 months, from the day of signing the contract. The first 24 months, at most, concern the design and construction of the project and the supply of the portable equipment (i.e. the simulator-wind tunnel) (worth 9,677,419.35 and 1,612,903.22 euros respectively, plus 24% VAT, i.e. 2,709,677.42 euros) and the next 84 months concern the maintenance and operation of the overall project.

The project is financed by the Hellenic Air Force General Staff.

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